Depression Lifted Through Gratitude

Kerry, CA.

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, on page 206, Mrs. Eddy writes, “In the scientific relation of God to man, we find that whatever blesses one blesses all, as Jesus shows with the loaves and fishes.” I recently witnessed the multiplication of blessings Mrs. Eddy speaks about, through a chance encounter with my neighbor’s adult stepdaughter. We were all together in my neighbor’s home, sharing our gratitude to God for a healing my neighbor had in the hospital and re-living the words from the Bible verses and children’s prayers that we had used to lift our thoughts up to God. At the end of the sharing, all were teary-eyed with the joy that comes from the realization of how much God loves us, that nothing is impossible to God; that prayer has power in every place, including hospitals, and that results within us are carried forward to bless all we come in contact with, just as it was doing this day.

A few weeks later, my neighbor called to relay something exciting that had happened, as a result of that sharing of gratitude. Her stepdaughter had been living for years in a depressed state, which affected her physical health. When confronted with a situation, that aggravated this condition, she remembered our sharing about the power of God’s love. She decided she wanted to respond to circumstances in a loving way, instead of with anger. Her loving response caught the other person off guard with the end result that she gained peace of mind, joy, and freedom from her tormenter, and she felt a peace of mind and body, that had not been hers for a very long time. On that day, she started reordering her approach to life – responding with a heart full of love This gave my neighbor and myself yet another reason to glorify God and His goodness.

I am grateful to have found the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent. Over the short time I have been part of this Church, I have learned more about Christian Science practice, than in a lifetime before. I love participating in Church activities, waiting on God to order my steps each day, and being of service to others.

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