Feeling Abandoned and Alone healed

Kelly from California

Today I was driving on the freeway and my car died. I saw an exit right in front of me so I pulled my car over, put my flashers on and parked it while still on the exit. I was scared. The freeway cars came by so fast they were shaking my car with the wind of their velocity. I got out of my car and called a male friend thinking he would come right away and save the day. He told me to call my service provider, call a tow truck, then call him back. I was disappointed in his response and started to resent him. After calling my service provider and arranging the tow, which I was told would take about an hour and 1/2 to get there, I didn’t know if I should stand on the side of the road or sit in my car. I didn’t know which was safer and could feel a mental tennis match starting. I decided to sit in the backseat of my car with my seat belt on. Then it occurred to me to pray. I was so full of fear all I could say was “God is good, God is good, God is good” I felt like a scared little rabbit. I remembered I had my phone with me which had direct access to the Plainfield website but before I could even get to the website I saw last Wednesdays testimonies on my screen. Silent tears of gratitude came. Just hearing Sharon’s voice “The meeting is now open…” assured me of God’s presence. Still, fear tried to overtake me when I thought of the hour and 1/2 wait. And the resentment towards my friend started to arise again.

I listened to the testimonies. Janet from Georgia and her plastic Adirondack chair floating in the middle of the lake was the first one. Last Wednesday when I heard this testimony I remember thinking, what an odd testimony. I never would have thought to turn to God over a plastic chair. But at that moment, in the back of my car, on the side of the freeway, with no power to my vehicle, I felt like that floating Adirondack chair in the middle of the lake. It made me smile. I remembered how the neighbor and her husband went to get their fishing poles while Janet prayed. I heard in Janet’s testimony that “it appeared the wind was moving it in their direction.” This peaked my interest because it appeared the wind from the cars zipping by was pushing my car around, and it kept stirring up my fears. In the middle of these fears I remembered something someone else at Plainfield said, “I am not a scared little rabbit running around seeking God’s protection, I am a lion equipped with God’s power.” So the wind of the cars zipping by was moving me in the right direction too, it was moving me to rest in God, which moved me to the Plainfield Testimonies. As I listened to Janet’s testimony, the calm came, and the wind from the cars zipping by seemed to not be as strong. I continued to listen to the testimony, Janet and her husband rescued the chair and then Janet turned to her husband and said, “We thank God for this demonstration of Love” and her husband said, “yes we do”. Sitting in my car I felt the love her and her husband had towards each other and it brought up tears of joy and tears of gratitude for the recognition I can give love today when I see it expressed between two people. And then I felt the resentment I had towards my friend. He didn’t respond to my call for help the way I wanted him to. But God did. And God will keep pushing me with the wind to where He wants me to be and into the arms of Love. I don’t need to resent my friend for this.

The tow truck driver arrived within 30 minutes. He was very respectful. As he drove me and my car home he said, “you know, I had someone on the freeway to get before you but I couldn’t find him and then I saw you.” He saw God’s lil Adirondack. He delivered me and my car safely home and when we parted we both said “God bless you.”

Thank you Janet for your testimony. Thank you to all the voices at Plainfield. You are the light that leads me to the shore when I feel like the floating Adirondack in the middle of the lake. Thank you Mary Baker Eddy for writing everything down. Thank you Jesus for proving to us that what you were talking about is real. And thank you to my teacher who is praying for me to gain the understanding of this Science.

Testimony mentioned above: “Lesson from an Adirondack Chair”

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