New Understanding Heals Misconception of Christian Science

J.P. from NJ.

I am very grateful to this Church and my practitioner for teaching me about true Christian Science.

For a long time I had nothing good to think or say about Christian Science. My introduction to it came from my mother, who — having probably just learned something introductory about the concept of Mind-healing — told me that my newly broken hand was because I “didn’t love God enough” and that she wouldn’t bring me to a doctor. She offered no more information than that, and I chose to blame Christian Science for my mother’s actions, instead of realizing it was her, once again, using religion or whatever excuse to justify her neglect and mistreatment of those around her.

For many years I held those misconceptions until I met a few members of this Church. They were intelligent, funny, compassionate people who through just being around them made me realize that my mother’s actions to me as a teenager (and right up until she refused any meaningful treatment that led to her death from cancer years later) were from her either willfully or ignorantly claiming the name of Christian Science while putting something far different into practice.

Nearly eight years ago I was brought to this Church, and have learned more and more of what true Christian Science is in that time. Christ Jesus said in John 14: 16 “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;” and Mary Baker Eddy wrote on page 55 of Science and Health, “This Comforter I understand to be Divine Science.” I have realized this means that if your involvement with Christian Science has not left you comforted, then you have not experienced true Christian Science. Having experienced the comfort of Christ’s Christianity here, and witnessed how important it is to my practitioner and others here that divine Love guide us constantly, it is clear that nothing I experienced of my mother’s false beliefs would have ever occurred had she actually understood and practiced this true Science of Mind-healing.

And because of gaining that understanding, I am very grateful that God has brought me here to help get the Truth out to the world. It is wonderful to be a part of this mission and to have this Science in my life.

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