PTSD Healed

N. J. – California

I’d like to thank you all for all that you do for us around the world. I thank each and every member. I thank all those who came before us to lay down our foundation, and those who kept watch!

I joined the Church earlier this year and have stayed in touch with a practitioner. My life changed significantly since reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, incorporating the Bible, going to the Roundtables and services. I have suffered from PTSD, anxiety, and panic for over 14 years now after a head on car collision. I have been able to manage it somewhat through prayer and meditation on my own. However, it never fully was relieved. It would raise its head often and take my attention away from God at the most inconvenient times. It negatively affected my work, my relationships, meeting with people and basically just living my life.

After meeting with a practitioner on a bout with PTSD and what felt like error all over me, she led me to some Christian Science readings, and I had a better perspective. I was feeling much better and had forgotten all about our conversation. It was on our next call she said she had prayed for me about my PTSD, anxiety and panic. It wasn’t until she mentioned it that I realized I had finally been completely free of these attacks and feelings. It has been several weeks, and I react internally completely different to certain situations that would activate it. I am now getting used to living without this constant panic and fear.

I write this to tell others that Christian Science works; God works. What a loving God who works through those that have a right relationship with Him. I have gone to doctors, been on medication, therapy, meditation, and none of that completely removed the lie. I am so thankful and grateful to be free.

Christian Science has changed my life in so many more ways, to a life that works, flows, is bright and vibrates with Truth, Light and Love. I was unable to accomplish this on my own or in any other way. What I have been looking for all my life was lovingly given to me through this church and the true teachings of Mary Baker Eddy. I can now see my life from a Spiritual perspective, rather than mortal mind perspective. I see Love now in my life where error told me there was no love. I am so happy now, I have more energy to pray, watch (destroying the lie), help others and work correctly for our world. I am no longer bogged down and now look forward to continuing to grow in these teachings. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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