Suicide Prevented

I. H. from Australia

It’s remarkable to me how patient and loving and kind is our God – and what a different individual I was when Christian Science first saved me. There are many healings I have lived through in my journey, but I would like to share one example here of how God’s Holy power saved me directly through the operation of Christian Science. Many years ago the hatred of the world had all but defeated me. It certainly had defeated the human self. One fine day error came to me in such an overwhelming fashion that I planned and decided to take my human life. All was in order. I opened the window of the high rise that I was living in and climbed halfway outside the building; when my phone rang. Humanly, the ringtone was a deafening sound because the inner turmoil and grief was so loud to my own thought. Each ringtone pulled my thought back enough to clarity that the rank error pretending that love was only accessible on the other side, became still enough that I could stop and climb back into my home to answer this phone call.

Well it was none other than a Holy Practitioner here in Australia. A person who did not go in for social phone calls at all. So the timing of this call, that it was a Holy man of God calling me, clanged into my consciousness. Without too much of a “hello”, to open the conversation, he said with absolute Holy power … “you will not hurt Imogene. Imogene is God’s child, and there is a grand purpose in store for Imogene”. I just broke down and sobbed – this was exactly what I needed to hear! That there is a grand purpose that can be experienced here on earth and that God’s love is here for all of us. I was then given hymn 192 to work with (verse 4): “Then with my waking thoughts – bright with I praise, out of my stony griefs – Bethel I’ll raise. So by my woes to be – nearer my God to thee, nearer my God to thee – nearer to thee.” That hymn, that Practitioner saved me that day. I am so grateful to that pure Practitioner who listened to God’s direction and called me that day. Through this experience I learned that when material sense is at it’s cruellest; then is our dear Father nearest to us. Our “best and ever friend”, as my dear Plainfield Practitioner at this Church often says.

I am so grateful to have found this pure Independent Christian Science church. We are taught here to come out fighting against error in our own thought. We are taught here truly – that anything other than God’s Divine Love is an error. The Truth of God taught at this Church has saved me, and my husband also, many times. We are very grateful for the Holy prayers of our Plainfield Practitioner. My deepest love to our Lord God Almighty, my ever thanks to Christ Jesus and to Mary Baker Eddy; and to the Holy strength of our Plainfield Practitioner. Thank you all so very much, and so much love to you all.

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