Boil on Head Healed

From The Healer, by David Keyston, page 119-120

In 1897, Mrs. Eddy invited her followers to visit her at Pleasant View, July 4th, Independence Day. Many were the followers that traveled that day by train or carriage. One of the attenders, a Mrs. Jessie Cooper, brought her nine-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter all the way from Kansas City. The daughter had been suffering severely from a boil on her curly-haired head. Following Mrs. Eddy’s words to those that had come, she received them through the port-cochere where she was seated on the porch. When Mrs. Cooper and her children reached Mrs. Eddy, quite an impression was made upon the mother whose account was preserved below.

“I wish I could make the world know what I saw when Mrs. Eddy looked at those children. It was a revelation to me. I saw for the first time the real Mother-Love, and I knew that I did not have it. I had a strange, agonized sense of being absolutely cut off from the children. It is impossible to put into words what the uncovering of my own lack of the real Mother-Love meant to me.

“As I turned in the procession and walked toward the line of trees in the front of the yard, there was a bird sitting on the limb of a tree, and I saw the same Love, poured out on that bird that I had seen flow from Mrs. Eddy to my children. I looked down at the grass and the flowers and there was the same Love resting on them. It is difficult for me to put into words what I saw. This Love was everywhere, like the light, but it was divine, not mere human affection.

“I looked at the people milling around on the lawn and I saw it poured out on them. I thought of the various discords in this field, and I saw, for the first time, the absolute unreality of everything but this infinite Love. It was not only everywhere present, like the light, but it was an intelligent presence that spoke to me, and I found myself weeping as I walked back and forth under the trees and saying out loud, ‘Why did I never know you before? Why have I not known you always?’ … “When we got back to the hotel, there was no boil on my child’s head. It was just as flat as the back of her hand. … “Each time I saw Mrs. Eddy I had a wonderful revelation of God. I know she was no ordinary woman. God had anointed her with the oil of gladness above her fellows, … ”

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