Consumption Healed and Voice Restored

From The Healer, by David Keyston, page 60-61

Confirmations of Mrs. Eddy’s grand love for all was exemplified in the healings manifested during her preaching. One account of this appears in Retrospection and Introspection.

“Our last vestry meeting was made memorable by eloquent addresses from persons who feelingly testified to having been healed through my preaching. Among other diseases cured they specified cancers. The cases described had been treated and given over by the physicians of the popular schools of medicine, but I had not heard of these cases till the persons who divulged their secret joy were healed. A prominent churchman agreeably informed the congregation that many others present had been healed under my preaching, but were too timid to testify in public.

“One memorable Sunday afternoon, a soprano, — clear, strong, sympathetic, — floating up from the pews, caught my ear. When the meeting was over, two ladies pushing their way through the crowd reached the platform. With tears of joy flooding her eyes — for she was a mother — one of them said, “Did you hear my daughter sing? Why, she has not sung before since she left the choir and was in consumption! When she entered this church one hour ago she could not speak a loud word, and now, oh, thank God, she is healed!”

“It was not an uncommon occurrence in my (Mary Baker Eddy) own church for the sick to be healed by my sermon. Many pale cripples went into the church leaning on crutches who went out carrying them on their shoulders.‘And these signs shall follow them that believe.””

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