Healed Severe Attack Diphtheria

From The Healer, by David Keyston, page 111

Mrs. Eddy once said to Miss Shannon [Clara M. Sainsbury Shannon, C.S.D., was a worker in Mrs. Eddy’s home from 1894-1903], “You have wonderful physical health, nothing seems to touch you.” However, there came a day, Miss Shannon recounted, when she experienced a severe attack of diphtheria. She did not want Mrs. Eddy to know how ill she was, and thus be a burden to her, and she went to the Buswells at Christian Science Hall, Concord. On arrival, she was found to be very ill and was put to bed. They wanted to send to Boston for James A. Neal [a fellow Christian Scientist and practitioner], but there was no time for that.

When it seemed that Miss Shannon could not live another ten minutes, Mrs. Eddy drove up to the door, and enquired after the patient. Mrs. Buswell told her of the condition. Mrs. Eddy said, “Go and tell her there is nothing to fear; that Love is taking care of her, and that I am praying for her.” When Miss Shannon received this message all fear left her and she felt instantaneous relief. She knew she was healed. She fell asleep, and did not wake until 8 o’clock the next morning. She had not slept the previous night. She dressed and came down to breakfast with Mr. and Mrs. Buswell, and found two letters from Mrs. Eddy telling her to return. Miss Shannon was perfectly well and walked back to Pleasant View after breakfast. She told Mrs. Eddy how her words had healed her.

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