Healing of Pneumonia Raised from Death Bed

From The Healer, by David Keyston, page 34

About this time (late 1868) Mrs. Eddy stopped using the name of Mrs. Patterson and was known as Mrs. Mary Baker Glover, using the name of her first husband. (She began using the name of Eddy upon her marriage to Asa Gilbert Eddy, January 1, 1877.)

About the year 1869, I was wired to attend the patient of a distinguished M.D., the late Dr. Davis of Manchester, N. H. The patient was pronounced dying of pneumonia, and was breathing at intervals in agony. Her physician, who stood by her bedside, declared that she could not live. On seeing her immediately restored by me without material aid, he asked earnestly if I had a work describing my system of healing. When answered in the negative, he urged me immediately to write a book which should explain to the world my curative system of metaphysics.

Upon her return home Mrs. Eddy opened her Bible, and her eyes fell on the words “Thus speaketh the Lord God of Israel, saying, Write thee all the words I have spoken unto thee in a book.” ( Jeremiah 30:2)

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