Heart Disease Healed

From The Healer, by David Keyston, page 43

The following is a case of heart disease described in a letter from a lady at New York. Please find inclosed a check for five hundred dollars (equivalent to about $15,000 today) in reward for your services, that can never be repaid. The day you received my husband’s letter I became conscious, for the first time for forty-eight hours; my servant brought my wrapper and I rose from bed and sat up. The attack of the heart had lasted two days, and no one thinks I could have survived but for the mysterious help I received from you. The enlargement of my left side is all gone, and the M. D.s pronounce me entirely rid of heart disease. I have been afflicted with it from infancy, until it became organic enlargement of the heart and dropsy of the chest. I was only waiting, and almost longing to die; but you have healed me; and yet how wonderful to think of it, when we have never seen each other! We return to Europe next week. I feel perfectly well. L. M. Armstrong.

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