Helpless Cripple Healed

From A Century of Christian Science Healing, 1966 edition, page 9

Dear Leader: – I had an uncle by marriage who was a helpless cripple and who was deformed. All his limbs were withered, and on very pleasant mornings a special policeman would wheel him out on Boston Common in his wheel chair. One morning a number of years ago, he sat there in his wheel chair as you were passing through the Common, and you stopped and spoke to him, telling him that man is God’s perfect child, and a few other words. Later, after you had left him, he declared you had helped him. The next morning he looked and looked for you in the same place, and morn­ing after morning continued to do so, until one day you came. Again you repeated to him what you had said before, and this time he was healed and made perfect, – every whit whole; and after that he was able to go into business for himself and provide his own living. No doubt you will remember the whole circumstance. His bones had hardened so that when sitting or lying down his knees were drawn up and rigid, his brother having to carry him up and down stairs, and feed him and care for him all the time; but after he was healed through your spoken word, he was able to be as active as other men and earned his own living; and whereas before he could not even brush a fly from his face, he regained the use of his hands, and became more than an ordinary penman.

It was you, dear Leader, who spoke to him of the healing Christ and set him free, when you met him so long ago on Boston Com­mon and many times I have desired to tell you about it, and to express to you my gratitude for the many benefits I also have re­ceived from Christian Science. Words can never express it.

With deepest love, in which my husband joins me,

Your loving student,

Mrs. Charlotte F. Lyon.

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