Insanity Healed

From The Healer, by David Keyston, page 163

I must relate another sacred experience of our Leader’s healings. One day when she had finished her lesson in the class of which I was a member, she asked me to wait after the other members had gone, and as she was standing in the classroom at 571 Columbus, a gentleman called to see her, bringing with him his sister, who greatly needed healing. Mrs. Eddy met them at the door of the room, and asked him to wait downstairs, while she talked with his sister. The belief was insanity, and she looked terrified. Our Leader told me that her delusion was that a serpent was coiled around her body and was crushing her. I stood in amazement, watching Mrs. Eddy’s face as she turned and looked at the woman who fell on the floor screaming, ‘It’s crushing me; it’s killing me.’ Our Leader looked upwards, as if she had seen the face of an angel in her communion with God. In a moment she said to the woman, ‘Has it gone?’ And the poor woman looked up and her whole body was shaking and quivering as she answered, ‘Yes!’ I watched the changes of expression that came over her face, from fear to peace and joy. And O, the love that was expressed in our Leader’s face as she looked down on her, stretched out both arms and lifted her up saying, ‘Get up darling.’ Then our dear teacher took that needy one’s head on her shoulder and patted her face, as she lovingly talked the truth to her. Mrs. Eddy then went out of the room and talked to the mother who took her home, and asked me to come and have supper with her, and to sing to her. During the evening she turned to me and said, ‘You saw what happened to that lady today? Well, she will never be insane in this world again.’ And she has not.”

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