Leg restored after a fall from third floor building

From The Healer, by David Keyston, page 89

The following is related by a Mrs. Allen to Irving C. Tomlinson and appears as a testimony in the December, 1905 issue of Christian Science Journal.

Two years ago I had a man [name of Carter] come up to my house to repair some window-shades in the parlor. When he had finished his work I asked him to come to my study. I left him in my room for a time, and when I returned he said, ‘I see that you are a Christian Scientist,’ because he saw my literature in the room. Then he said, ‘I was healed by the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy.’ I said, ‘I want you to tell me all about it.’ Then he gave me these facts: ‘About eighteen years ago, while living in Boston, I fell from the third story of a building I was working, to the pavement. My leg was broken in three places. I was taken to a hospital, where they tried to help me. They said that the leg was so bad that it would have to be amputated. I said, ‘No, I would rather die.’ They permitted it to heal as best it might, and as a result I had to wear an iron shoe eight or nine inches high. “I was called to Mrs. Eddy’s home on Commonwealth Avenue, in Boston, to do some light work. Mrs. Eddy came into the room where I was busy, and observing my condition, kindly remarked, ‘I suppose you expect to get out of this some time.’ I answered, ‘No; all that can be done for me has been done, and I can now manage to get around with a cane.’ Mrs. Eddy said, ‘Sit down and I will treat you.’ When she finished the treatment she said, ‘You go home and take off that iron shoe, and give your leg a chance to straighten out.’ I went home and did as I was told, and am so well that, so far as I know, one leg is as good as the other.”

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