Life of Child Retored

From The Healer, by David Keyston, page 143

In another case, when Mrs. Eddy lived on Columbus Avenue in Boston, she became fond of a neighbor’s child, a little girl, who had never walked. Not seeing the child for several days, she called at her home to inquire about her. The child’s mother, in great sorrow, replied that the child had been taken ill and had just died. Mrs. Eddy then asked to see the child and to be left alone with her. The mother assented reluctantly, saying that nothing could be done; it was too late. When left with the child, or with its lifeless body, Mrs. Eddy took it in her arms and began to pray. Becoming conscious only of infinite Life, Truth, and Love, she became oblivious of the material situation until the child recalled her to human surroundings by sitting up and asking for her mother. Then, when the mother came in response to Mrs. Eddy’s summons, the child ran to her, enabled to use her limbs as well as restored to life.

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