Man Raised from Death Bed

From A Century of Christian Science Healing, 1966 edition, page 14

Another incident of healing that occurred when Mrs. Eddy [who was at the time married to Daniel Patterson], was visiting Quimby in Portland, Maine, took place in the hotel near the train station of that city. Apparently a woman was taking her dying husband to his family home in Canada, when a doctor on the train advised the woman against further travel with her husband in such a dire condition. They stopped at the hotel where Mrs. Eddy was staying. Soon after she had heard of the woman’s husband passing on there in the hotel, she went to the room of the grieving wife in the attempt to comfort her. “She said, ‘Let us go and waken him.’ They went, and she stood beside him for a few minutes and told his wife that he was waking, and that she must be close by so that he could see her when he opened his eyes which he shortly did. He said to his wife, ‘Oh, Martha, it was so strange, to be at home and you not there,’ and he spoke about meeting his parents and others of the family who had died before.” Martha had witnessed the true power of the Christ to resurrect her husband just as the Christ had done nineteen centuries before. This was to be one of the first of many, many times that Mrs. Eddy raised someone from the dead. When Mrs. Eddy left the hotel three days later the woman’s husband was living.

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