Patient Raised to Life

From The Healer, by David Keyston, page 145-146

I would like to read an excerpt given to me in the very early days by Mr. James Neal, the beloved student and friend of our Leader. I have given this before, but I find it so valu- able that I cannot resist sharing with you our Leader’s own interpretation of ‘Christmas Morn’ in healing a patient.

Thou gentle beam of living Love,

And deathless Life!

Truth infinite is you, as God sees you,

As you see yourself.

Still I quote our Leader:

I have taken this hymn and raised a patient who was at the point of passing on in [the] hospital. I held her as a ‘gentle beam.’ Of what? ‘Living Love’ — as far above all the strife, all the striving, as far above the conditions that brought her there. ‘Or cruel creed’ — the doctor’s verdict. So far above all cruel edicts, creeds of mortal belief. ‘Or earth-born taint’ — so far above any taint of inheritance. ‘Fill us,’ fill her, today, right now, ‘with all Thou art.’ With what? With ‘living Love and deathless Life, Truth infinite.’ Thou all of of me. Fill us, be Thou our all of Life always.

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