Severe Finger Infection Healed

From The Healer, by David Keyston, page 36

Dorr Phillip’s (son of Thomas and Hannah Phillips) healing, was the first through Mrs. Patterson’s demonstration of Mind Science. The lad had a bone felon(infection) on the end of one of his fingers that kept him awake at night and away from school during the day. Mrs. Patterson had not been to the Phillips’ house for several days, and when she did so and found the boy in agony walking the floor, she gently and sympathetically questioned him. “Dorr, will you let me heal that felon?” “Yes, indeed, Mrs. Patterson, if you can do it,” replied the lad. “Will you promise not to do anything for it or let any one else, if I undertake to cure it?” “Yes, I promise, and I will keep my word,” said Dorr. He had heard his father and their friend discuss divine healing many times, and had a boy’s healthy curiosity to see what would happen if all this talk was actually tried on a wicked, tormenting, festering felon that was making him fairly roar with rage one minute and cry like a girl the next. That night the boy stopped at his sister Susie’s house. “How is your finger?” she asked solicitously. “Nothing the matter with my finger; it hasn’t hurt all day. Mrs. Patterson is treating it.” “What is she doing to it? Let me look at it.” “No, you’ll spoil the cure. I promised not to look at it or think about it, nor let any one else touch it or talk about it. And I won’t.” The brother and sister looked at each other with half smiles. They were struggling with skepticism. “Honest, Dorr, doesn’t it hurt?” “No.” “Tell me what she did.” “I don’t know what she did, don’t know anything about this business, but I’m going to play fair and keep my word.” The boy actually forgot the felon and when his attention was called to the finger it was found to be well. This strange result made an impression on the family. No one quite knew what to say, and they were scarcely ready to accept the healing of a sore finger as a miracle. “But it is not a miracle,” said Mary Patterson. “Nor would it be if it had been a broken wrist or a withered arm. It is natural, divinely natural. All life rightly understood is so.”

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