A Life Transformed And 4 Healings to Prove It |

A Life Transformed And 4 Healings to Prove It

T. M., Georgia

I wish to magnify the love the Lord God has for me and my family and offer a deep thank you to the practitioner in the Plainfield church for helping bring Light into my life and taking my calls at every hour of the day and night through my crisis. After experiencing a deep and profound loss in my life, I realized I was not a Christian Scientist. I thought I was one, but I was hiding sin, living a lie, and worst of all, I was a hypocrite: I wasn’t living and walking in step with Principle, but I talked as though I was. Through the loss, I had to learn divinely, not through human reason, a little of what spiritual life is. I had to strive to understand and be(!) the Scientific Statement of Being. Once I glimpsed the Truth, I felt inspired to work harder to learn more. As a result I have experienced several physical healings.

1. I no longer have headaches. The first time I called for help with a bad headache, I fell asleep shortly after and woke up whole. The next week I called with the same problem, but the practitioner informed me that it was not the same, but rather an aggressive mental suggestion – in Science, when something is healed, it cannot come back – darkness cannot overcome light! I went off to sleep, woke up refreshed, and I have not experienced a headache since. I did feel a bit muzzy in the head a few weeks later and remembered that error cannot reverse Truth. In fact Truth reverses error. That was that. Done.

2. I was healed of chronic hay fever. I saw so clearly God never made it that the “liar”, mortal mind, was behind the shenanigans and that what it was saying about me (that I was susceptible to hay fever) was a lie. I felt so close to God and the Love he had for me just overcame my whole body and I felt my nasal cavities literally open and I could breathe again through my nose. This healing took place several months ago. I have had no relapse.

3. Two years ago, when I thought I was a Scientist and was not, filled with pride, I tried to heal a knee problem but failed to do so, and had to have surgery to clean out my knee. Recently, my other knee began to feel the same way, so I called the Plainfield practitioner for help, and within two days my knee felt fine. In fact, I completed a road race and ran my fastest time ever in the 10k race. I have never felt stronger in my life.

4. My shoulder was in great pain and I couldn’t move it in a natural motion. I called the practitioner for help and he reminded me of the metaphysical principles we had been working with the past 3 4 months and instead of ‘trying to heal my shoulder’, I was instructed to, whenever I felt pain, use it as a reminder to thank God for being the only power. Wow, that was awesome. It just totally lifted my thought out of body and keep it with God. The pain gradually faded, but I caught myself checking every 3 4 days to see if the pain was gone by moving my arm around in such a way. I finally stopped checking. Well tonight, about a month after this work began, I realized that my shoulder had felt great for a while and in fact I had been using my arms to swing about and perform very challenging chin ups and other shoulder related weight lifting moves with zero pain.

I am so grateful and humble for what I have learned in this church, the Roundtable discussions and Bible Lessons what spirit they all possess! I feel that I have now started at the numeration table and joyously look up the mountain and pray that I see and follow in Christ’s path. I know I have much to learn and I am sure I will meet Love’s rebuke, but I look forward to that because I know it is leading me upward. It is challenging to ‘feel it’ all the time, but at least I have tasted it and I want more. Most of all I just want to see and know God’s will and do it! Thank you, Plainfield.

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