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Aids Healed

W. M., Georgia

I had yearned to adopt a child for some time, and had prayed to God often about it. After going through a very thorough adoption process, I was finally blessed with a lovely child. From day one, the child has been a shining light in my life and everyone else around us. After about a month, the child needed to have a physical examination to enter nursery school. To my shock, HIV was detected, even though there had been no such finding during the adoption process. I knew only God could help us with this. I had heard of the vibrant, healing Christian Science in Plainfield, and contacted a practitioner there for help. I was met with absolute confidence that this condition was illegitimate, that “the blessing of the Lord it maketh rich and addeth no sorrow with it.” I was greatly relieved to have this loving support.

Together, the practitioner and I prayed daily to know the truth about this child. We would not accept this lie to be any part of this innocent, loving child of God. This experience motivated me to continue nurturing in the child an unwavering love for God and Christian Science, for caring about others, and to continually express gratitude for our many blessings through our daily prayers. It is with great joy that I report that the child has been tested and retested and is totally free of HIV. I am so grateful for all the love we’ve experienced since discovering this healing church and its dedicated practitioners.

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