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Allergies Healed by Christian Science

L. F., Maryland

Monday morning I was bombarded with interruptions and demands at work and I allowed these intruders to overwhelm me. This used to be the norm, but it no longer felt natural to feel this way. I remembered what was said during the Sunday Roundtable discussion that when we seem to lose our joy, to fight for it with everything we’ve got. So I prayed, I praised God for being God, and I began to count my blessings one by one until I felt the peace of God descend upon me like a dove. It felt as if God was hugging me. I had regained my joy!

Later the same day a co worker stopped by my office to chat about a project, and somehow the conversation shifted from work to allergies. She started telling me how bad her allergies are this season. Then she asked me what I’ve been taking to control my allergies, because she noticed that I hadn’t been sneezing this year. You see, for years I suffered from so called allergies every year beginning in April. My co-worker remembered so well because, for the last eight years, we were miserable together — coughing, sneezing, and itching. It wasn’t until she asked me what I was using that I realize I’d been healed! I knew this was one of the results of regularly calling a practitioner for help. She had given me the verse from Psalm 138, “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me.” And God has been perfecting everything in my life!

I continue to be ever grateful to God and to the Plainfield Church, my practitioner, and to all of you.

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