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Bad Habit Healed

T.R., New York

I’ve been a habitual coffee drinker since I graduated from college. Generally I drink coffee all day long. Obviously by the end of the day I’m completing worn out. I also work long hours in the city, so by the time I get home I just collapse. There seemed to be an emotional need for the coffee so while at times I wanted to quit I could not. I did try a number of times in the last several years to quit. However it was a struggle during those times and I missed drinking the coffee. So eventually I would go back to my usual ways.

I can’t say that I prayed specifically for this healing. I just got interested in the Plainfield Church and read the lesson each day and prayed regularly. I also began to receive help from a Plainfield practitioner. She asked me to work with the verse from the Bible “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me.” I was told God would be working in my life to heal everything that was troubling. Then one day a few months ago I lost interest in drinking coffee at work. While I still have one cup of coffee in the morning, I completely lost the interest to have it at any other time! There were a few times when I was feeling tired and I remembered how good a cup of coffee tasted and I bought a cup of coffee. However I couldn’t drink much of it and ended up throwing it away.

I am grateful to no longer be consumed by this enslaving habit. I now know my energy comes from God and I have never felt better or freer! Other disturbing problems in my life have also been healed and what the practitioner once told me has proven true – God has been perfecting all that concerns me! She said as we sincerely grow in Science, things like bad habits, just drop away like an old outworn garment. I am grateful for all I have been learning by being a member of Plainfield – for the lessons, church services, publications, classes and practitioners. I don’t know what I would do without this kind of help.

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