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Child Healed

M. M., New Jersey

My three and a half year old son had been given medication for a breathing problem since he was three months old. The medical doctors were not sure if it was asthma or something else. Each week my husband and I would take our dear son to the doctor’s. Then he was prescribed a hand held breathalyzer to help calm his breathing, and he had to avoid playing outside as pollen would aggravate the situation. Five weeks ago, I told my employer about it, very discouraged. He had always shown loving interest in my son’s development, but I had never mentioned this breathing condition before. When he heard of what we were going through, and how our son was suffering, he declared with great conviction that this was not right! God would never wish such a thing on one of His dear little ones. It really got my attention, and I had to agree. He gave me a copy of Healing Thought magazine from his church – he is a practitioner in the Plainfield Christian Science Church – and I went home with a new resolve. I stopped giving my son the medicine and the breathalyzer, and stopped going to the doctor. My son had no more breathing problem! He began eating better, and he goes outside freely even when the pollen count is high. This is the first I have seen of Christian Science. My husband remarked that something very powerful was working for such a healing to come about. I have learned from this that I can really trust God to help us right here and now!

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