Collapsing Esophagus Healed |

Collapsing Esophagus Healed

D. V., Missouri

I had suffered with a swallowing problem for six years and finally, a year ago, my esophagus closed up completely and I had to go into surgery to get it opened. Since that time, I have been getting regular treatment from a doctor who would dilate my esophagus so that I could swallow and inject steroids to strengthen it. Finally, when nothing was improving, the doctor warned me that I would need an operation, and start having to use a feeding tube!

Before my next appointment, terrified of what might happen, I turned to God with all my heart, and reached out to a Christian Science practitioner in Plainfield. I was met with love and confidence that “man’s extremity was God’s opportunity.” I was given a statement by Mary Baker Eddy, “Divine Love fills every avenue, flows through every channel, removes every obstacle.”

The next day, I visited the doctor, and he treated me, but made no more mention of operation, just to return in three weeks. So relieved, I thanked the practitioner and said that I would call back before the next appointment, because I could not afford three weeks of treatment. He would have none of it, and insisted we work together until the next appointment, because healing was the important thing. I just needed to pay what I could. The next three weeks was a joyful time of studying and feeling the presence of God. The practitioner gave me, among other things, p.390 393 in Science and Health to work with.

When I returned to the doctor, he announced that I was just fine – no more need for treatment!! From the depths of hopelessness to such freedom and joy! Only God could have done it. Thank God for the faithful, strong work of the practitioner, and for Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science, which so apparently, when applied correctly, really heals.

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