Completely Healed After Thrown by Horse |

Completely Healed After Thrown by Horse

D. A., Virginia

The week before Christmas, as I was riding my horse with friends at a nearby park, my horse spooked when some bike riders came around a corner very suddenly. I was thrown onto very hard ground and soon realized that my back and hip were severely injured. I was in a lot of pain. I improved slightly over the next couple of days, but for all intents and purposes, I was almost an invalid.

I started praying for myself in Christian Science right away and was doing my best to see myself as perfect, but that’s hard to do when you can’t move without pain and the pain is constant. I finally let go of my pride and called a practitioner at Plainfield. You see, I had been fairly inconsistent with my commitment to all the church activities for the past few months and was embarrassed to call and ask for help. She came to my rescue, but with my promise to stay true to my commitment to Christian Science, this church, and my own personal progress.

Improvement was immediate and steady, and I was up and around that same week. I continued to work with the practitioner every day and continued to progress. The most important part of all of this wasn’t the healing of my back — it was feeling closer to God and seeing that I had work to do with this church.

Three weeks after the incident, I was able to move about normally, but I was having a lot a trouble sleeping. My hip and back were still aching at night and it was difficult to get comfortable and fall asleep. I called the practitioner again to discuss this problem, and she suggested that I just forget my body altogether and get busy working for God. I took up the challenge and slept like a baby that night, and have ever since.

My gratitude is overflowing for this wonderful healing. I went from being a near invalid to being perfect and healthy. But the best part was what I learned about my relationship to God and how important it is to stay on course and not be distracted away from my duty to God.

I thank the Plainfield Church, all the members, and especially the wonderful practitioner who came to my aid and got me back on track.

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