Daughter Kept Safe Through Prayer |

Daughter Kept Safe Through Prayer

C. G., Wisconsin

While reading the Lesson the other day, I was reminded of the wonderful safety that God provides for His children. In the area that I live, there are many summer weekend festivities at nearby towns. When my daughter was a young teenager, she asked if she could go with some friends, with one of the mothers as a chaperone. This was something that those of us that live here all enjoy, so I let her go.

While she was at the festival I felt a great sense of unease about her safety. At first I passed it off as being paranoid and tried to enjoy watching a TV show without interruptions. The unease just would not go away. I finally listened, began to pray, and kept at it until the discomfort ceased. Later my daughter told me that she was approached by a drunken man in an isolated area of the park. She was alone, frightened, and unable to get away from him. Somehow his wife found them, apologized to my daughter, and literally dragged the man away.

I am so thankful to God for His persistence in not allowing me to ignore His warning, and for the loving protection He provides for all His children. His arms definitely do encircle and keep us safe.

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