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Devils Cast Out

from C. T. in New Jersey

In Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Today, as yesterday, Christ casts out evils and heals the sick.” I can attest that this is true. Anybody who feels tormented with a life of failures, repeated agonies, wrong directions taken, or just feeling like they are being pursued, Christ does still cast out devils and heal the sick.

At one time I was in a very dark place, and ended up having a nervous breakdown. How I got there was probably by not knowing God as well as I should.

A practitioner and teacher here in Plainfield healed me. God, through her prayers, cast out the devils that I had—devils of talk, devils of suffering. I finally felt like I was not alone.

Once the devils are gone, you have an empty house, or consciousness, and you need to fill it with Truth. Fill it so full that nothing else has place. That was when I learned about God, and began to know God — and to know who I am as His child. Have nothing in your thought but “God, what next?” Then He will lead you. There is no place for devils to find residence. No torment or heading down the wrong ways for more than a moment can occur.

I have tripped and fallen, then I got back up. No place else have I learned this regimen. It is for anyone who wants to be strong and effective, and feel the peace of God. This is the place where you can find a permanent connection with God. You will know that it can never be taken away. I thank Mary Baker Eddy for this and our teacher, and practitioners now.

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