Divine Mind doesn’t forget |

Divine Mind doesn’t forget

C. G., Wisconsin

We recently added some computers at the facility where I work. Usually I do all the setup, but the new tech decided to help and do it. He let me know the passwords and since they were very easy, I put off changing them until I learned the new operating system.

A few days later I needed to do some maintenance on the computers and couldn’t remember the password. Since it was after hours, the tech was not available. But, rather than getting upset, I knew there was one Mind, God, and I reflected that Mind. Mind doesn’t forget so how can I?

It was late, so I went home. When I woke the next morning, the password just came to me and I was able to finish the work. I am grateful for all that I am learning from the Bible Study and Roundtable, and for help I have been receiving from a practitioner.

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