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Dramatic Turnaround

S.W., South Carolina

My husband works hard in construction, and is generally very strong, physically and mentally. A while ago, he began losing his appetite, and after a time, losing his strength. In the morning, before going to work, he just did not want to eat, and it obviously took a great effort for him to get out the door. Although he was not a student of Christian Science, he finally took up my offer to call for help in Christian Science. I called a practitioner in the Plainfield Church and was met with the love and reassurance that nothing was impossible to God. The practitioner asked me to read the 91st Psalm to my husband, before going sleep for the night, and promised that he would be working. I did so, and my husband went to sleep peacefully. The next morning, to my amazement, my husband was up eating a hearty breakfast before I even got up, and then went off to work as though there had never been a problem. This was a dramatic turn around, and all the fear and weakness was gone, and never returned. There is nothing more thrilling than a healing in Christian Science – to see and feel the power of God so evidently. Thank God for Mary Baker Eddy, for the love that comes through the 91st Psalm, and for the good work coming out of Plainfield!

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