Employment Secured

From S. W. in New Jersey

Thanks to God and a Plainfield practitioner, I recently started a new job that I am very grateful to have.

Around eight months ago, it became very apparent that I needed to leave my former job. One day, I felt strongly that God was directing me to leave, so I resigned. I called a practitioner, explained the situation, and asked for prayerful help to obtain another position. I was given the Bible statement from James, “Let patience have her perfect work.” I was asked to work with the article “Place,” by Mary Baker Eddy.

This healing did not come quickly. I had lessons to learn, including not to tell God what job I should have, but to let “Thy will be done.” I’ve learned in this church that our experiences are like a flower, they unfold in God’s right time. I continued to work with the practitioner, and several jobs became available, but, for one reason or another, they didn’t work out.

Then I was offered this new job, which is so much better than the one I left. There is much appreciation for the work I do, there is cooperation in the office, and the people couldn’t be nicer. God surely had a better plan for me than I could ever have imagined!

I am very grateful for my new job, and for the help of the practitioner, and for the fact that all my needs were met during the time I was out of work. What a good God!

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