Eustace Book Brings Understanding And Healing |

Eustace Book Brings Understanding And Healing

L. S., Illinois

I love the book, “Christian Science, Its Clear, Correct Teaching and Complete Writings” by Herbert W. Eustace. I was having a problem with some bleeding in the back of my eye, so I looked up an article on blindness. I studied it very carefully and applied it to myself. I knew God can heal this problem. I held to what Mr. Eustace said about the optic nerve. He states, “All that God is, optic nerve has, and ‘Son, all that I have is thine,’ is the eternal dictum of Mind to its own thought.”

I was referred to a retina specialist and the doctor could not find any bleeding. I was completely healed. I’m most grateful to Christian Science for this healing and for all the literature and past healings that I’ve received.

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