Extreme Knee Pain Healed |

Extreme Knee Pain Healed

B. B., Illinois

The other evening, out of the blue, something snapped in my knee. The pain was extreme, though I knew it was a lie and didn’t belong to me. In a very short time I realized I needed help and called my practitioner in Plainfield. As usual, always on duty, she started working immediately. She gave me a few hymns and citations to work with and, in spite of some pain, I was able to sleep through the night.

I couldn’t walk the next day, but the pain subsided a great deal. The day was much better, and the practitioner continued to help me as I prayed and studied. The following day I was walking and leaping and praising God. I even danced a little, with such joy and gratitude.

I find with every healing that I always receive added blessings — instruction and, oh yes, needed correction also. How great it is to have someone talk to you, expressing divine Love, and opening your eyes to things that either you didn’t know or have forgotten.

I love Christian Science with all my heart, and thank you all at Plainfield for keeping it alive.

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