Gall Stones Dissolved |

Gall Stones Dissolved

A. V., Pennsylvania

I had been a doubter and negative about everything for many years, but recently I received a wake up call! I was weak and in a lot of pain. The medical doctors had given me a verdict that I urgently needed to have my gall bladder removed because it was clogged with gall stones causing a serious infection. Furthermore, I would only have 50% chance of surviving the operation because of my particular physical condition. My aunt, who has always impressed me with her devotion to God and Christian Science, is an out of town member of the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent, and she had raved about the healing work going on there. So in a state of total helplessness, I called for Christian Science help from a practitioner in Plainfield. I was met with the most comforting assurance that “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”, and that a loving God would not leave me comfortless. Over the next few days, the practitioner gave me things to work with like “This false sense of substance must yield to His eternal presence, and so dissolve.” (Misc. Wr.), and “I am perfect in God right now”. Each time I spoke with the practitioner I felt uplifted, and rejuvenated.

A week after first getting Christian Science help, I was playing 9 holes of golf, and when I went to the hospital for some further tests, there was no trace of the infection, and the x rays indicated no gall stones at all!

This experience has led my wife and I to turn to God like we never have before. We joined the Plainfield Church, and have become regular attendants of the online Services coming over the internet. We read the weekly Independent Lesson Sermon. And I am eager to leave behind my negative outlook, and cultivate this positive, healthful way of living called Christian Science.

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