Healed of a Life of Hopelessness |

Healed of a Life of Hopelessness

L.T., NY

Those of us who live in constant turmoil every day are like hoarders. Like the people you see on TV or friends you may know who live in homes filled with “things”. Things that keep us so buried in the past and in our own dirt. Slaves to the past, shackled in a prison. For some, they see it every day and can not break free because they have become so comforted by their discordant surroundings that they feel at peace with it. For others, they stumble around in the dark, bruised and battered and mad at everyone else for the trouble they are in. Until someone comes along and rips the curtains off the windows and the glorious sun comes flowing into their lives. Even then some of us still look around our disheveled house and wish someone else would take the mess away. They can now see the mess but do not want to do the work to throw it all away, into the garbage, where it belongs.

This was me. At first I did not know why I had been tripping over things and running into walls all my life, then I was given the S&H book to read. I did not understand its teaching at all and kept demanding that if there was this God full of love and mercy, why was I suffering so? So little light was coming in. Then, I made the worse mistake of my life, I tossed the book aside for many years. It was not until I got to the point where I had jumped feet first into the grave, I had dug myself, that I knew I was in real trouble. Through the grace of God and a Plainfield Church Practitioner, I was pulled up out of the depths and into the light of Day.

An absolute faith in, and understanding of, the works and qualities of God and the study and understanding of Christian Science is the glorious Sunlight that will bring you peace and salvation.

I was asking God to show me what kind of God he was, but I was refusing to listen to the answer. I was the one who needed to show God what kind of disciple I was because God depends on me to show what kind of God He is. I learned that I am God’s eternal quality in ACTION, not in waiting or idleness or expecting God to do the work. God’s work is done.

Praise God for all His Glorious work and Mrs. Eddy for showing us the way to see it and to the Plainfield Church Independent and to the Practitioner who grabbed on my hand and pulled with all her might, knowing that her strength was in God.

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