Healed of Chronic Worry |

Healed of Chronic Worry

F. R., Georgia

Some years ago I worried about everything. I remember in particular there was a saying that used to trouble me a lot. People would say: “opportunity knocks but once.”

I would worry that if I did not respond in a certain way to what was considered an opportunity, I would miss that opportunity. And with that thought, I would blame myself, and go over it until I felt exhausted, sad, and at times downright depressed.

I am so grateful for the strength and love with which Christian Science has been taught, and is being shared now in this church.

It teaches me that God is giving all of us good at all times, and that if I keep my thoughts and motives right, if I want to do His will and seek His guidance, He will guide me and no opportunity can be lost.

I am so grateful for this because it is so freeing to know that it is God who places me, it is God who adjusts my path, and if I just remain always wanting His will to be done in my life, then He will direct. I thank God; I thank Christ Jesus and Mrs. Eddy, and everyone who is contributing to share this Truth, this Holy Truth, to bless all mankind!

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