Healed of Clinical Depression |

Healed of Clinical Depression

F. M., MD

God has truly blessed me. I was in the mental darkness of what is called clinical depression with several hospital bouts over the last 5 years, though I had been a student of Christian Science for some 30 years, belonging to two different Christian Science churches. I could not say I was a Christian Scientist, because obviously I was not succeeding.

Last August I had the great good fortune of finding the Plainfield Christian Science Church Independent on the internet. Being generously welcomed and working with a practitioner there, I found the spirit of the truth that had been missing, and my life rather quickly began to turn around. And I can say that I am now, despite continuing challenges of situation, truly filled with joy. Last Sunday during our Plainfield Roundtable discussion about what it is to be a Christian Scientist, I felt afterwards somehow my thought had been lifted to a new level of understanding how we live and move and have our being in God, as St. Paul tells us.

I had in years long past planted quite a few perennial flowers in our backyard, since there’s not much sun in the front, but if anyone looked out and noticed they were blooming in the last five years, I didn’t even look out the window to see. This Easter weekend I went out and brought in bouquets of daffodils for our house and for a friend to take home.

And this afternoon when I left the dentist after a cleaning check, she said to me, “You’re my last patient today and you’ve made a good one for me, because of your bright shining smile.”

Thank you, Father, God, and thank you, Plainfield.

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