Healed of Computer Game Addiction |

Healed of Computer Game Addiction

T.R. New York

I am very grateful for a healing my son had recently. He absolutely loved computer games and frankly it took over his life. In more than one of these games he was one of the top players in the world which shows how much he liked to play.

I had been getting help from a practitioner in this church for various problems in my life including problems with this boy. She assured me he belongs to God and can only be attracted to good. He is “obedient to the Mind that made him.” (S&H) It occurred to me not to worry so much but instead to pray about this situation every time it came into my thought. For three days I prayed in this way. At that time to my complete joy and utter amazement my son told in he had deleted everything on his computer to do with computer games. And to tell you how remarkable this is he said it would take him 1,000 years to restore what he had deleted– it was irrevocable!

This is another clear example of God blessing my family as he has in so many ways. This is such a remarkable healing and I am very grateful for this church, for the practitioner who helped me. Christian Science is becoming a way of life and changing everything for the better.

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