Healing of Dying Child in Public Bus |

Healing of Dying Child in Public Bus


A tribute to the Unity Watches our members do three nights a week: How appropriate is this watch (to be alert) and when we do not maintain it constantly in our mind we run the risk of losing the demonstration of Truth.

A few days ago I went back to my office by public transport bus, and there was a young couple with their small child of a few months. All of a sudden the mother started to scream, and to desperately call the baby by his name. I started to pray in silence to change the mental state of the mother, who right away showed a bit more serenity, but she kept patting the baby and calling him by his name. Then I observed the baby, and saw it had his little eyes turned over, and it was completely pale and stiff. The people started to get closer, and I knew then I had to hit mortal mind and its pretension of the manipulation of life in matter. In a loud voice I asked everyone to stay in their seats, saying that “God is the life of this child,” and nothing is going on, He is also the life of all of us, and that nothing is lost in unconsciousness, because all is the divine Consciousness, infinite Love, and that we all are included in it. I then addresssed myself to the parents, and told them, donĀ“t fear, this child is the image of God, and he is the pure and perfect expression of infinite good. And to the baby I said; come on Thiago(that is how is mother called him), you are completely spiritual, and God loves you.

We had travelled about two kilometers in these circumstances, and I continued praying aloud, and thousands of voices came to my mind proclaiming the absolute Truth about this situation, and I repeated only what I could speak, and in a moment the child started to cry, and the color came back to his little face, and his eyes were well. The mother embraced him and calmed him, and this little creature was healed from such an error. When I left the bus, I could not stop weeping, because while I prayed for this child I felt the infinite presence of God embracing us all. I understood that it was the Christ who in His divinity embraced us and spoke to us. The parents thanked me, but I told them to give thanks only to God, it is He Who did it. I said a few things to the mother, to calm her, and left the bus. Several others left with me, and said they could not believe what had happened, if they had not witnessed it.

That is why this watch is so real to me, only His omnipresence reigns and keeps us. It is not us but divine Love which does the work. I am very thankful for this, and I share it because it is the fruit of the joint work which we do for the cause.

May God bless all and each one of my friends from the Plainfield Church.

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