Healing of Excruciating Back Pain |

Healing of Excruciating Back Pain

V. E., Arizona

It was over a year ago when I asked a practitioner in this church for help with back pain. This was an excruciating pain that was with me constantly, some days better than other days, but always there. Many nights I would wake up moaning and have to get up and put ice on my back and even took a pain pill when I just had to. I had consulted a doctor previously, who had ordered an MRI. The diagnosis of the MRI was called spinal stenosis. Supposedly nothing could be done, short of surgery, which may or may not have taken care of the problem. The back pain was one of many problems the practitioner was working on, i.e. supply, resentments, relationships, and little by little each problem was worked out, other than that back pain. I remember one time waking in tears in the early hours of the morning, and got up, reached for my Science and Health, and tried to read some of the things the practitioner had given me to study. I was pleading mentally for help when Mrs. Eddy’s face seemed to appear in my mind, her piercing eyes were looking right into mine and expressed such love and compassion I was stunned, yet comforted. The pain abated that particular time, and was never as strong after than, but was still there. When I asked the practitioner why it seems to take so long for this particular healing, she replied, “little by little, step by step, all in god’s time, just keep working, knowing the truth and striving to grow spiritually, and it would come”. I had come to terms with the pain and moved on with my life, growing, learning to know god better, listening for his direction for me, and then it happened! I can’t tell you when it happened, or how long it had happened before it dawned on me that my pain was gone! It was as though it had never happened, a bad dream, which, in fact, it really was. I tried to think back and to pinpoint the healing, but it was so natural and normal and I had taken it for granted, just as though it had never been! Is this not the most amazing thing that you have ever heard??? When I think back on all the misery, and all the things I tried to no avail, I realize what a great blessing this is! I am so grateful for that practitioner who stayed right with me, working on this problem, along with all she taught me at the same time, words just cannot express my gratitude! She never lost confidence in the fact that I would have a healing, and she lovingly and persistently declared the truth, fed me the truth, demanded that I demand the blessing from this, and look what happened! The results was a healing, and a healing that will never reoccur. That is a promise from Mrs. Eddy. When one has a healing from christian science, it’s a permanent healing! I am so grateful!

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