Healing of Longstanding Skin Condition |

Healing of Longstanding Skin Condition

S. A., Maryland

Prior to coming to the Plainfield church I had suffered from a recurring skin irritation in one particular spot on my body. The severity of the irritation fluctuated over the years, but since it was in an inconspicuous spot, I mostly ignored it and considered it a ‘minor’ inconvenience. I did not seek Christian Science treatment for it but did consider various antifungal type creams and different antiseptic soaps off and on to no avail. While working with a practitioner in this church on another issue the practitioner gave me the “Child’s prayer” to work with. The first line of the prayer states that “I am a spot where God shines thru”. I considered that God would not be shining thru a spot of infection and actively began to work with this prayer in regards to the skin condition. Several weeks later I noticed that the skin condition was completely clear. That was two years ago, and that patch of skin today is absolutely perfect such that one would never know that I had been plagued with any type of skin irritation.

Beyond the physical healing, I learned from this experience that there is no such thing as a little bit of error. If you give an inch you might as well give a mile. The nature of animal magnetism is to subtly worm its way into consciousness until we become utterly comfortable with it. I am grateful for all that I have learned in this church and particularly for the practitioner who never hesitates to rebuke error.

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