Heaviness of Loss Healed |

Heaviness of Loss Healed

F. R., Georgia

From yesterday I have been working to get rid of a heavy feeling I’ve had since receiving the news of the passing of a loved one. Towards this morning after my watch, I felt a great sense of love for this individual, and some of the Truths I have learned about the belief of death were comforting.

However, today certain thoughts kept coming and I could feel that heaviness again, so I talked with a practitioner from this church. What was said about loving this individual as he journeys on, plus the love and conviction with which it was said, is all I needed to hear. It woke me up from the selfishness of mourning and replaced it with the selflessness of blessing all involved with God’s dear love.

I am grateful for that practitioner’s help because I feel free from that mournful, heavy sadness! Love indeed is the liberator, and I am very grateful to feel that.

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