Hives Healed |

Hives Healed

from B. S. in California

I wish to express my gratitude for being healed of breaking out into hives. This used to happen one or two times a year. When this issue began, I would get help from a Plainfield Christian Science practitioner, and it would go away after just a few days.

Gradually I began to notice that before I broke out, there was a “tell,” as they say. I would notice an itch in a certain spot; and if I was aware and on guard, I would declare against it immediately, and very strongly, and it would not even start. Finally I realized that this would occur when my thought was very disturbed! That was the root of the problem. Tracing it back to the mental cause, I became more aware of my thinking, and careful to control it.

The episodes grew much less frequent until I realized I was completely healed. Only Christian Science and practitioner help were able to get to the bottom of the issue, heal it, and teach me to get my thought back to God.

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