Knee Pain Healed |

Knee Pain Healed

L. C., New Jersey

For a number of years I’ve experienced regular knee flareups as a result of a sports injury. For many years since the injury, I had to be cautious with the level of activity that I could do, or immediate pain would follow — if I walked up the stairs too much, tried to bicycle, etc. I never thought it would be possible to address the issue through Science, for in my mind I had such a strong visual of a knee structure, its problems, and all the history that goes along with it.

One day during one of my flare ups I had to call a Plainfield practitioner for help. I started telling him about my knee problem — how long it’s been going on, what caused it, what kind of activity I had to avoid, etc. He listened politely for a short time, and then stopped me and told me to stop rehearsing the material history and to turn away from it completely and think about my spiritual identity. I was reminded that in Science, I have only continued spiritual unfoldment and no material history. And what I am really dealing with is nothing other than a one dimensional claim, an aggressive mental suggestion, that has no law, no cause, no substance to support it. God did not make a troubled knee, and it is my divine right to have freedom of mobility.

I am grateful to report that for months now I am enjoying normal activities of bicycling and stair walking without any pain or flare ups. I am grateful for the true Christian Science I found at Plainfield, grateful for the dedicated practitioner, and very grateful to see in my own experience that all things are possible to God, and He surely will never leave any of his children alone or stranded.

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