Macular Degeneration Healed

C.C., NJ

A while ago, I began to notice distortion in the vision in one of my eyes. I asked for help from a Christian Science practitioner here in Plainfield. I was encouraged to consider what true vision is, to strive to see everything as God sees it. There was improvement, but I just couldn’t seem to get over the fear of going blind. I talked this over with the practitioner, and I told her I felt it might be a good idea to have it looked at by a medical doctor. So, with the practitioner’s support, I went for an eye exam—and was told I had macular degeneration, which can lead to blindness. He recommended I see a specialist.

The practitioner continued to pray for me, and I had one treatment from the specialist. On my next visit, he said he couldn’t believe it—he said this was beyond his wildest expectations! My eye had gone from one step away from being legally blind, to 20/60 vision—and he said he’s never seen this happen in less than 6 months of treatment—if at all. I had only one treatment! It may seem strange to say, but in my case, going to the doctor broke the fear of not going to a doctor — and this opened the way for God’s healing power to work.

I am so grateful to the practitioner for standing with me in this ordeal, despite my going to the medical. I have no doubt her calmly listening for divine guidance and holding me in God’s care during my medical treatment saved me from sinking into the expectation of the specialist. I thank God for this amazing healing, and for the growth and progress I made during this time. Thank God for this practical Science that Mary Baker Eddy discovered that brought me closer to God, and saved me from the cruel verdict of material “law.”

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