Negativity replaced by Truth and Love |

Negativity replaced by Truth and Love

L. T., New York

About two months ago, I could not walk at all. I could not sit up in bed. I had pneumonia, my hands shook, and I could barely breathe. The pain was overwhelming. The doctors had told me, due to a back condition, I would soon be a cripple. I wanted to die, and even attempted suicide. In this miserable state I desperately reached out to a Plainfield practitioner.

One of the things I was asked to do was to memorize the 91st Psalm, which I told her I could not do. The practitioner said if I could remember such ugly things from my past, why was it that I could not remember the Word of God?! So I memorized the 91st Psalm and took the deep truths of this psalm into my heart and soul. I began to replace all the constant negativity streaming through my head with the truth about God and His creation. Little by little, I began to feel much better.

A little over two weeks later, I was out working in the hot sun doing manual labor — digging up a foundation and making a deck cover for a ceramic shop I am building. I was rejoicing in this wonderful Truth called Christian Science. I needed a medical exam in order to go back to work, and the doctors were amazed at what happened. I told them I believed in the power of prayer. Christ is the one thing I have been in need of, and I have a great Christ for my need! It was only by the power of Christ that this healing could have transpired.

I am so very grateful for the help of this practitioner, who awakened me to God’s tremendous love and healing power. I am so grateful for the Christ Truth that is expressed in this independent church, and for Mrs. Eddy giving to us this wonderful Science. I pray that this healing will help and inspire others.

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