Prayer Heals Tooth Pain |

Prayer Heals Tooth Pain

G. S., New Jersey

Recently, I bit something hard and felt a sharp pain in one of my teeth. The pain did not let up, so I made an appointment with my dentist. He examined the tooth and pronounced that it would have to be removed. Then, he thought for a moment and said there may be a less drastic fix, if I was willing to try it. He was not confident that it would work, but was willing to try it if I was willing. It seemed like a right idea, so I agreed.

We made an appointment for it, and as I was leaving, he said, “And I recommend you try prayer. I believe in that.” I was a little stunned to hear that from a dentist, but I thanked him, assured him that I do pray, and told him that I was a practicing Christian Scientist. He immediately responded that his mother also was a Christian Scientist, and that “he believed in that stuff.”

I went home and prayed to God for help. I worked with the thought that was given to me years ago by our teacher: “My teeth are rooted and grounded in Love.”

The next day I went back and he tried the less drastic fix. It worked. The pain left and the tooth remained intact. When he finished, he told me that I was very lucky. He was sure that I was going to lose the tooth. I could only smile and thank him. I said that God had answered my prayer. Then I looked squarely at him and told him that he also was an answer to my prayer.

I’m so grateful that God led me to a dentist who genuinely appreciates the power of prayer. It helps me appreciate the statement by Mrs. Eddy in our textbook (p. 198), “Hence the importance that doctors be Christian Scientists.” And I thank God that He answered my prayer and met my need at that time.

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