Severe Condition Healed |

Severe Condition Healed

J.F. Florida

I’m grateful for a wonderful and quick healing I had yesterday. I awoke with a sore throat, congested head and body aches. By mid morning, I began to have chills and terrible stomach cramps, and soon after was vomiting and starting to faint. But what really frightened me and my husband, was both my hands became paralyzed, and I couldn’t bend my fingers or use my hands at all. I asked my husband to call a Christian Science practitioner from this church, which he did and left a message asking for help. I could tell when the practitioner got the message and began to pray, because in less than 15 minutes, I stopped vomiting, the faintness left, and my hands loosened up and were back to normal. When I spoke to the practitioner later, I was given beautiful verses from our Lesson, that God is with me, will never leave me, and there is nothing to fear. I asked the practitioner to continue to work, and the rest of the day I was able to rest in God’s love. This morning when I awoke, the body aches, chills, and sore throat were gone – I was even able to take a mile walk this morning.

I am so grateful for this healing. I am grateful for the practitioner whose help was immediate and available, and for membership in this church, and the wonderful online services which enable us be there with you.

I (her husband) want to add something to this healing. It was really scary, and I was close to calling an ambulance. My wife doesn’t know this but she was as white as a sheet as well. It was within minutes after I left that message, that suddenly she said, I can feel my hands. It was just incredible. I am so grateful for the healing work of this practitioner, for Christian Science, and for God’s healing power.

D.F. Florida

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