Sprained Ankle |

Sprained Ankle

P. H., Alabama

Three days before a vacation trip, which would require much walking around in airports, I fell on my muddy driveway severely injuring my left foot. It became very bruised, swollen and painful. I called a practitioner from the Plainfield Church who lovingly assured me I could never fall out of God’s care and love. She told me Mrs. Eddy once told her students, “Even if you fall and break your leg, immediately get up knowing this can only bless me and do me good. Thus you become a law unto yourself.” I was also given citations page 424: 5 11, and page 397: 12 22 in Science and Health to study. Mrs. Eddy says on page 397, “When an accident happens, you think or exclaim, ‘I am hurt!’ Your thought is more powerful than your words, more powerful than the accident itself, to make the injury real. Now reverse the process. Declare that you are not hurt and understand the reason why, and you will find the ensuing good effects to be in exact proportion to your disbelief in physics, and your fidelity to divine metaphysics, confidence in God as All, which the Scriptures declare Him to be.” This was so comforting to me, and I knew I could place all my confidence on God as All!

The next morning my ankle was completely healed! I was able to walk for long hours and move around completely free! I am so grateful for this quick healing and sure proof of God’s love! Christian Science DOES work.

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