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Sprained Ankles Healed

S. A., Maryland

Several years ago, I had lost the use of my left arm and leg as a result of a stroke. After two years of trying several practitioners and various efforts in physical therapy, I was discouraged and out of work. The prospect for getting a job in my condition was grim. I’d grown up in Science and had had healings in the past, but at this point was pretty much convinced that an ailment of this nature was simply too big for Christian Science. I spent hours desperately scouring the internet for something, anything that could help me. One day on an online discussion group dedicated to Mary Baker Eddy, someone asked if there was any healing going on in Christian Science nowadays. Someone else mentioned a practitioner in an independent Christian Science Church in Plainfield New Jersey. I called one of the practitioners listed on the church website, tentatively asked for help with pain in my side (feared it was appendicitis). When it cleared up quickly I thought, “Well let’s see if he can help with this other thing.” The practitioner was quietly confident that “all things are possible to God”, and yet instilled in me a desire to get the full blessing from this experience, not simply escape from the problem.

Since working with this practitioner, I have been seeing tremendous improvements landed a good job, was able to drive a car again, and when I was invited to participate in a scenic hike last fall, I welcomed the opportunity, as hiking had been a favorite past time of mine until I was hit with this problem. I completed the hike but a few days afterwards I started to feel pain in both my legs. I prayed and the pain slowly dissipated. Later I started experiencing intense pain in both ankles and they became noticeably swollen and discolored. Friends who saw me hobbling about mentioned that I might have sprained both ankles during the hike. I finally called for help from the practitioner as I could barely walk due to the stabbing pain in my ankles. I remember he told: “I was a spiritual idea surrounded by spiritual ideas”. Shortly thereafter the pain left completely and my ankles returned to normal.

But I got so much more than the removal of the physical problem! I recognized I had been focused on myself as a physical being comprised of muscles and bones, etc. The practitioner reminded me that I was actually spiritual and the definition of man on page 475 of Science and Health reinforced that. Once I got my definition right, the healing followed soon after. And also I needed a cane to get around, but several months after this healing I noticed that I was forgetting my cane more and more. One day last December I left work without the cane and that is the last time I’ve used it. I used to panic when I found myself without, but I’ve learned in this church that panic was no more than an aggressive suggestion, and that it was my divine right not to be swayed.

I had grown up attending Christian Science churches; but words alone can never express how thankful to have been led to the independence found in Plainfield, where the teaching of Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science is second to none. As well as bringing about “impossible” healing, it is transforming my life, and that is exciting!

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