Standing Strong with Truth

C. C., New Jersey

A few years ago, I began to experience hot flashes. I realized there was something to learn here, so I asked God to show me what I needed to know. The thought came that all I can ever feel is the warmth of God’s love — and that can only bless me! I also remembered Hymn No. 148, which says, “In heavenly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear; and safe is such confiding for nothing changes here.” I am a spiritual idea of God, and that can never change!

My whole attitude toward the experience changed. I no longer felt disturbed about it, but instead, stood strong with these truths every time a flash would try to intrude. They became progressively less and less, and within just a few weeks, completely disappeared.

I am so grateful that each situation that arises is an opportunity to learn more of God and His creation. Thank God for Mary Baker Eddy, who gave us this wonderful Science. It truly does meet every need.

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