Toothache healed |

Toothache healed

L. F., Maryland

Last week, I had a toothache. While listening to the Wednesday night testimony meeting, I heard something that changed my thought. One of the testifiers talked about the motive for healing. “Wow!” I thought, “what is my motive for having this toothache healed?” And I had to be honest with myself — my motive was to feel better. But, that testimony made me realize that it’s not about me. To God be the glory; Thy will,not mine be done. After listening to this testimony, I thought, “I want only what God wants — I want to glorify Him. I want understanding, growth in grace, and a closer walk with Him.” And before the meeting was over, the toothache was completely healed.

I am so grateful for that testimony. For me, it was transformative. I’m grateful for all the testimonies. I am so grateful to God, for Mrs. Eddy and Christian Science, and for this church. For the first time in my life, I feel alive. I love you all!

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